GRP Fencing and Frangible Fencing

GRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic) fencing products offer an alternative on sites where metal fencing could be either dangerous or reactive to the operational environment.

GRP fencing is non-conductive, radio transparent and through the use of particular resins and additives (in the construction process) can provide improved fire retardancy and corrosion resistance to both chemical and environmental conditions.

Despite it's strength GRP fencing can also be 'frangible'. A material is said to be frangible if through impact, it breaks up into fragments. This makes it particularly suitable for environments such as airports where a possible impact with the fence would be made worse by the fence twisting and damaging the object that has hit it.

It is highly beneficial in areas such as railways, electrical substations, electrical enclosures and chemical sites.

GRP handrailing in either high visibility yellow or grey

Supplied in a kit form for easy assembly on site, customers have a choice of either a riveted or a modular keyclamp assembly system. Both systems are extremely versatile and can be side fixed, base fixed or cast in.


Our riveted system uses 316 stainless steel bases, wall brackets and fixings, whilst the keyclamp system is assembled using moulded GRP fittings which are connected to the tube using a M6 stainless steel bolts.


Generally GRP railings are specified for sites where there is a need for non-conducting or corrosion resistant materials, however it's impressive strength-to-weight and load-bearing performance, makes it suitable as a direct replacement for steel railings whether or not your site requires the additional benefits GRP systems offer.

Features & Ancillary Parts

  • Raked handrail to suit inclines/steps.
  • Mesh infill panels.
  • Full height or half height lockable gates.
  • Self closing or free swinging gates.
  • Drop bars.
  • Safety chain sets.
  • 150mm high toe rails.
  • Kickplate.
  • Top Cover.
  • Fixed Elbows 120°, 150°.
  • Adjustable Elbow.
  • 3 and 4 Way Tee 60°.

GRP Palisade Fencing

GRP Palisade fencing has a life expectancy of 30 years under normal conditions

Looking very similar to the steel palisade fencing and with a comparative strength to traditional steel palisade, GRP palisade is worth considering whether you are looking to install or replace an existing boundary fence.

Originally designed to be used on sites which required a non conductive or chemically resistant fencing product, GRP fencing products have grown in popularity, because of their lighter weight, ease of assembly and low maintenance, high performance finish.


GRP palisade is erected and assembled using long-life stainless steel fixings and bases, it is easy to cut and drill on site and can be supplied in it's component parts or pre-manufactured palisade panels.


Traditionally GRP fencing was used for substations, utility sites or where a steel fence may cause radio interference or risk of shocks. Airports would specify GRP palisade for their 'Frangible' properties, however it's ease of use and handling make it suitable for any site that would of normally specified traditional steel palisade.


Features & Ancillary Parts

  • Available in component parts or pre-fabricated panels.
  • Powered swing and sliding gates.
  • Pedestrian gates and turnstyles.
  • Single or triple pointed head.
  • Frangible
  • Stainless steel fixtures and fittings.

GRP Barrier Fencing

GRP Barrier fencing

GRP Barrier fencing is a flexible solution that can be adapted to a range of solutions. Working closely with our manufacturer we are able to supply bespoke solutions for our customers and contractors based on a supplied design or specification.

As with all other GRP fencing products our barriers are radio translucent, non-conductive and chemical resistant. Depending on the resin and additives used in the manufacturing process, our GRP barriers can be designed to achieve specific properties such as enhanced fire retardancy or have specific chemical resistance.


Due to the weight ease of handling our GRP barrier stystems are simple to assemble and install using either stainless steel or GRP molded fixtures and fittings.


GRP barriers are suitable for platforms, machine guards or enclosures​.

Features & Ancillary Parts

  • Available in component parts or pre-fabricated panels.
  • Gates and access.
  • Frangible properties.
  • Mesh infills.
  • GRP fixtures.
  • Stainless steel fixtures and fasteners.
  • Bespoke solutions.

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